Daniel Kebede Born and raised in Ethiopia, Daniel Kebede recalls loving to draw and paint as a child. He first discovered the art of carving, however, at the age of 15, when he moved with his parents to Tanzania and Botswana. Inspired by these African countriesÂ’ traditional wooden masks and stone handicrafts, he started carving wood figurines.

In 1988, his family moved to Durham, North Carolina, then to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1990, where he earned a bachelorÂ’s degree in fine art (sculpture major) at the University of Alabama. He has studied art in Australia (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 1993) and in Japan (Chiba University, near Tokyo, 1996-1997 and Kanazawa College of Art, Kanazawa, 1998-1999).

A member of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, he currently creates stone sculptures in Des Moines, Washington. His sculptures have been exhibited at Seattle-area galleries with the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association and at SeaTac International Airport. A permanent outdoor sculpture can be viewed in Bellevue, Washington at the campus of the Washington Society of CPAs.

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